2015 was a huge year for me. Not only did I get to perform at both the world's largest arts festival as well as the world's largest music festival, I found myself performing magic all over the world and clocking up more gigs than any other year. Here are my top ten highlights of 2015.


1. Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is always a highlight of my year. Comedians, dancers, actors and circus stars travel from all over the globe to perform in the world's largest arts festival. I had the pleasure of performing my brand new show in the Voodoo Rooms beautiful Ballroom theatre and was rewarded with packed-out crowds everyday. 

The show was really well received with several publications and many fringe punters naming it one of the highlights of the fringe. It meant so much to me to be able to perform a show that was about more than just the magic. A huge thank you to everyone who helped put the show on and all the people who came to see it.


2. Glastonbury Festival

How could performing at Glastonbury not be a highlight? The world's largest music festival with a line-up of incredible acts spanning over 50 years of music. Of course, it's not just music. Some of the best circus, magic, comedy and theatre acts from around the world descend on Glastonbury to make it simply the best party you've ever been to. Because where else are you going to see Patti Smith singing happy birthday to the Dalai Lama...?


3. Slovenia

Magic shows don't just write themselves you know. This year's Edinburgh show was written over the course of nine months with help from my long-time collaborator Rhys Williamson. Part of the writing and rehearsal process was done in Germany and Slovenia.This video was shot during a little down-time in the beautiful mountains in north-west Slovenia.


4. Weddings, weddings, WEDDINGS!

I performed at more weddings in 2015 than ever before. Getting to be a part of so many people's special day is a real joy. Not only have I performed at weddings all across the country but I've had the pleasure of meeting so many fantastic couples and help plan their wedding day. 


5. Crazy Corporate Events

Pretty special guests at tonight's corporate gig. Really glad to be a part of it and see Britain's best dance act!

Posted by Chris Cook Magic on Saturday, 16 May 2015

I performed at countless corporate events throughout 2015, entertaining thousands of people all across the country. Some of these parties have fantastic costumes, celebrity guests and special surprises. A great highlight was getting to see dance-troupe Diversity perform!


6. Working with my favourite magician friends!

Even better than performing at events on your own is getting to work with other fabulous magicians at parties and shows. It's always a huge laugh getting to work with mates at events. Because double the magicians equals doubles the magic!


7. Performing in Asia

Travelling for work definitely has its perks. As well as travelling the UK, I got to spend time in Germany, Slovenia, Ireland, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam this year. Here's a quick trick I filmed in Bangkok.


8. Wonderful reviews

This lovely review from  BroadwayBaby  was one of the many nice things written about me in 2015

This lovely review from BroadwayBaby was one of the many nice things written about me in 2015

I've had some excellent feedback in 2015 from so many places. I'm forever grateful for the people that take the time to leave glowing reviews on my Facebook fan page and for the really nice words that were said about me in various publications and newspapers this year. I'm genuinely blushing.


9. The strange gigs... 

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You know, those sort of gigs where you end up juggling on a Segway...


10. Meeting some incredible wedding professionals

Despite being an entertainer for a decade now, I'm always meeting new suppliers who dazzle me with their incredible skills. This year I met some amazing weddings singers, photographers, florists and bands that amazed me with their talents. Check out some of my recommended favourites here, including Cumbria Wedding Films who shot the above video of me performing magic.