Chris Cook - Magician

Chris Cook is an award-winning young magician, originally from the Lake District. Starting out with small-time scams and cheeky pickpocketing, Chris made the transition to professional magician as a way to earn a more honest living. Beginning with some simple card tricks Chris progressed to sleight of hand, mind-reading, and stand-up comedy. These days, Chris will perform tricks with whatever you've got. Show him your wallet, phone, keys, bank card, spare change, wedding ring, wristwatch or shoelaces and Chris will astound you with something incredible. 

Chris has been performing his winning combination of close-up magic and quick wit for a decade now. Ten years of professional performing has taken Chris all over the UK performing at hundreds of weddings, parties, corporate events, charity balls, opening ceremonies and even with travelling circuses. Previously, Chris spent four months working in New York, teaching magic and performing on stage to hundreds of astounded faces. In 2014, Chris performed his debut stage show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to rave reviews and sell-out crowds every day. He has since returned with bigger shows in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Chris performs much of his magic across The Lake District and the North West, as well as regularly performing in Edinburgh, the Scottish borders, Manchester, Leeds and London.

Chris is a proud member of the Edinburgh Magic Circle and also a member of Equity and has £10 million public liability insurance, so you can guarantee you are hiring the very best.

An absolute master of his stage. He made what seems impossible to the rest of us look effortless and is a reminder of how cool magic is
— BroadwayBaby
Cook works every row in the crowd with the slickness of a stand-up, creating jokes which are as elaborate as his actual tricks and just as effective.
— The Stage
I have no idea how you did that. That was REALLY good!
— The Chuckle Brothers
That was top class. One of the best acts I’ve ever seen
— Alan Kennedy, Liverpool FC legend