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Chris Cook: Charlatan receives glowing review from BroadwayBaby


Chris Cook: Charlatan receives glowing review from BroadwayBaby

BroadwayBaby Review

I'm very pleased to have received an outstanding review from BroadwayBaby for my Edinburgh Fringe show, Chris Cook: Charlatan. The original full review from BroadwayBaby has been republished below.

Chris Cook: Charlatan


by Kayleigh Blair on 5th August 2014

Chris Cook Charlatan Magician

Chris might be new to the Fringe but it certainly looks like he will be back again. The crowd were initially uncertain as to what was to come, however he captured their attention from the first trick. With his sleight of hand and tricks of the mind, people were twitching to know how he does it, but a magician never reveals his secrets.

He made what seems impossible to the rest of us look effortless.

The show begins in the queue with guests being asked to write a movie name on a piece of paper for use later in the show. What he later does with this simple task, along with everything else, can be well described as astounding. He's very modest and charming and the whole show was a delight without a single glitch or mistake.

Chris uses plenty of audience members in his tricks and I myself was one of the chosen ones when I attended the show. The trick involved nothing but a copy of 50 Shades of Greyand I was completely baffled by his mysterious predictions. Even now I don't believe it.

The crowd was overspilling; he truly seemed shocked to have such an eager audience but he proved his worth. Disbelief and awe were written across the faces around me. He made what seems impossible to the rest of us look effortless and is a reminder of how cool magic is. I have no doubt that Chris will be filling much bigger venues in no time. We should all look forward to seeing more and larger scale magic from him in the future.


For more information on Chris's hit Edinburgh Fringe shows, check out the Shows Page or to book Chris to perform a stage show at your event, get in touch.